Huckabee supports its employees, and specifically working parents, through the firm’s flexible working hours policy.




The policy gives agency to each employee to manage their workload and recognizes key times when working parents often feel the pressure of the home/work balance, including the morning rush to school, and the start of the weekend.

The Policy: Flexibility

  • Each Friday, Huckabee’s offices close at noon, giving employees an extended weekend.
  • Huckabee offices officially open for business starting at 9 a.m. allowing parents an extra cushion for dropping off kids at school in the mornings.
  • All employees can access flexible working hours. Employees are expected to work their full week (40 hours) but are given options around how that is accomplished on any given week.
  • Employees can take personal appointments (doctor’s appointments, a child’s school function, etc.) with approval.
  • Huckabee’s work hours policy is detailed in the firm’s employee handbook and is a frequent competitive advantage detailed for prospective hires.

The Impact

Not only has this flexibility policy greatly benefitted overall corporate culture at Huckabee, but this relatively “low-cost” solution has allowed the organization to distinguish itself by offering something other architecture firms weren’t – the opportunity to balance home life with mission-driven work. Huckabee has seen an overall trend in retention and employee satisfaction among all employees, and specifically for those employees who are working parents.

Employee Feedback

Flexibility and focus on family. This is incredibly important to me and is one of the biggest reasons why I would promote Huckabee as a great place to work. I do not take the trust I’m given lightly. My schedule has shifted over the years to meet the needs of my job and my family. This is very valuable to me. 

2019 Huckabee Employee Survey

“Huckabee has always strived to offer more to our employees, even when we were a small company, because we knew it was the right thing to do for our employees and their families. Only later did we realize the significant impact that offering more family-friendly benefits makes on our bottom line as an organization. We have one of the most loyal, productive and satisfied (based on internal surveys) employee base that allows us to meet our external mission of impacting the success of all students. It’s been a joy to support our team and to see firsthand the way these practices have benefited our incredibly loyal, hard-working employees.”