Tarrant County is creating a community where all kids have the chance to succeed, families are supported, and businesses thrive.

School/Child Care Innovators

See where our partners are collaborating to elevate and increase student outcomes.

Recent Achievements Highlight

Catch up on ways our efforts are improving student success and childhood outcomes.

The Best Places for Working Parents®

Learn from our portfolio of local case studies featuring Fort Worth businesses that are innovating to support working parents – and attracting and retaining top talent!

"Education IS economic development. We are implementing a whole community approach to boost child & family outcomes. From businesses leading the way in family-friendly practices to nonprofits serving students & families, to schools being creative in their approaches to maximizing student achievement, we are supporting innovation across our city to build the BEST PLACE FOR KIDS!™"



Our Vision

A community built so that every child has the opportunity for learning and life success.

We strive to provide quality, affordable early learning and development opportunities for EVERY child, beginning at birth. 90% of brain development occurs by age 5 – and children that have access to quality early education experience higher high school graduation rates, better long-term health outcomes, and higher wages earned as adults. Early education is a key strategic lever for Tarrant County’s future.

Families are supported with the resources they need.

We support families through a whole-community approach in our schools and neighborhoods, connecting families to a diverse array of community resources, parent information, events, and opportunities that are often free of cost or low-cost to parents and their children. Additionally, our working parents benefit from local businesses who are leading the way in family-friendly policies and practices.

Employers put families first.

Within Tarrant County, the Fort Worth business community has implemented research-backed policies that are proven to help families and build a more loyal, productive, and strong workforce. As the 13th largest city in the U.S., our community must innovate to attract and retain a competitive workforce. Though the Best Place for Working Parents® initiative, Fort Worth employers have seen the benefit of implementing family-friendly policies that are ALSO business-friendly. See our top 10 policies that benefit businesses’ bottom line.

Who We Are

Best Place for Kids!® is an unprecedented local public-private partnership led by Mayor Betsy Price and Tarrant County partners including the City of Fort Worth, philanthropic foundations, nonprofits, business leaders, and experts in quality early learning and child care, community schools, and early education policy – dedicated to lifting up innovative practices and broadening support for strategies to build the Best Place for Kids!®