The Future of the Texas Workforce Post-COVID

In collaboration with SMU’s Center on Research and Evaluation (CORE) and as Part II of a series of collecting and sharing key business leader insights, The Best Place for Working Parents® surveyed business leaders across Texas in May 2020 to gather insights about the future of the Texas workforce post-COVID.

The key objectives of the survey were to gain business leaders’ current assessment on: 1) COVID-19’s impact to date on our business community, 2) Innovations that have helped stem the tide of economic impact, and 3) Critical factors for our workforce and business community’s success in the post-COVID environment.

Click here to download or share the high-level business report.

In light of the results from our survey, the Best Place for Working Parents® network is encouraged to see that several of the policies that have been proven to support stronger, more sustainable families and businesses – namely, flexible work schedules, remote work options, and a variety of child care assistance – are expected to be expanded post-COVID-19 by businesses of varying size and industry. 

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