Plummer Best Place for Working Parents

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Going beyond offering maternity and paternity leave, Plummer seeks to “stock the cupboard” when it comes to supporting their employees who are returning to work from having a child. Plummer grants additional paid time off to employees for maternity/paternity leave in order to help alleviate the extra pressure associated with returning to work for new parents. This allows bonding time with the new child without the worry of lost wages, while also allowing for a replenishment of PTO with extra appointments and childcare needs.

The Policy: Paid Time Off

  • Primary Care Giver to the new child is eligible for an additional 80 hours of PTO, to be used after the exhaustion of any Short-term Disability benefits.
  • Eligible employees receive 40 hours of PTO, added to his/her accrued time off upon return to work after the child has arrived.
  • Parental Retention bonus of $3,000 paid once employee returns to work for a minimum of 24 hours per week.

The Impact

Not only has Plummer’s Paid Time Off policy had a tremendous impact on employee retention and culture, but they have seen a positive trend when it comes to overall employee satisfaction. This policy has allowed the organization to distinguish its competitive benefits and points to their deep-rooted corporate values.  Commitment and compassion for their people including supporting family values. Commitment to achieving as much security for their people as practical. Commitment to high-quality service to their clients. Commitment to integrity.

Employee Feedback

Plummer has supported me in my career and as a mother. Through the progressive Parental Leave Policy I was able to take time off and bond with my twins, focus on recovering, and not stress about how we would pay our bills. A company that invests in mothers is pretty special and one that I am proud to work for.” – Allison W., Marketing/BD Manager, Denver

Plummer’s parental leave program encourages employees to take time off and is a very nice benefit for new parents. I recently used the program and had a great experience. Plummer was very supportive through the whole process. I sincerely appreciate the company’s commitment to family.” – Chris B., P.E., Project Manager, Fort Worth

I have always felt that Plummer has a family-friendly culture, and the new parental leave benefits have reinforced that. When I returned from maternity leave, the 40 hours of PTO that I received gave me the flexibility I needed to take care of our growing family while maintaining a full-time career, especially in my first three months back at work.” – Michelle S., P.E., Project Engineer, Fort Worth

“At Plummer, being a great place to work is literally part of our vision statement, and family-friendly policies are a big part of realizing that vision. For us, this means anticipating that our employees who are mothers and fathers will likely need additional support when they welcome a new child. This thoughtful approach has not only been the right thing to do, but ultimately has helped us retain incredible talent and attract other employees who know that we provide a supportive, family-friendly culture.”

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