The Best Place for Working Parents® Innovator Awards

The Best Place for Working Parents® annually recognizes businesses within our designees that are truly innovating when it comes to supporting working parents through our Innovator Awards.

2023 Best Place for Working Parents®
National Innovator Award – Onsite Child Care

2023 Award Winner:
Tyson Foods

The Best Place for Working Parents® National Innovator Award honors exceptional companies that are setting the bar for how to support today’s working parents, through policies that promote employee wellbeing and success, boost business growth, and foster community development. The selection of Tyson Foods as the inaugural Best Place for Working Parents® National Innovator Award recipient reflects the company’s exemplary implementation of best practices in onsite child care, setting them apart as an aspirational model for other organizations. Tyson Foods introduced a high-quality onsite child care center that offers nontraditional hour care to meet the needs of its working parent employees in its Humboldt, TN processing plant.  Offering this care at a highly reduced rate thanks to a public-private partnership with the state and county makes Tyson Foods one of the few companies in the nation to offer this unique benefit to shift workers, which is among the many commendable reasons Tyson Foods was honored with this award.

2023 Innovator Award Winners


Providing a parent-friendly workplace is more than an annual goal at Balcom – it’s backed by a 30-year history as an advertising and branding agency built on caring for employees and clients openly and intentionally. We welcome the need for flexibility in a modern age, help our people make life work well for their families and throw some great family-friendly events annually to celebrate our larger B community. We couldn’t be more proud of how our agency supports from within, and our retention rate shows that what we’re doing resonates well with parents and their peers.

Ashley Freer,

Principal, Group Director and Strategist


Our team members bring purpose and passion to work each day. As they balance the complexities of life, we want to make it easier for them to truly live well at home, at work and in their communities—and our comprehensive wellbeing offerings are designed to do just that. 

Charles Williams,

President of Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth


At Apex, we prioritize people and believe that nurturing happy parents leads to a more engaged workforce. Our inclusive culture emphasizes flexibility with options like remote work and flexible hours to empower parents. We offer tailored benefits, including parental leave and counseling services. Beyond policies, we foster community through events like our annual Family Picnic at the Fort Worth Zoo. As a leader in parent-friendly workplaces, we’re dedicated to nurturing work-life harmony for all.”

Sarah King,

Senior Health & Wellbeing Manager

2022 Innovator Award Winners

2021 Innovator Award Winners


“We have worked to build a name that is synonymous with excellence in construction projects and services. Like a connected family, we work hard to tangibly rejoice and support our employees regardless of the challenges and successes that life brings with it!”

Matthew Avila,

Chief Executive Officer,
Byrne Construction Services


“We know that providing our employees and their families with comprehensive benefits, wellness programs, and robust resources is one of the keys to our long-term success. Supporting working parents is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do to be an employer of choice in an ever-changing competitive environment.”

Sean Donohue,

Chief Executive Officer,
DFW International Airport


“We believe in promoting a diverse workforce and a workplace in which our team members are able to achieve work/life harmony. We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and develop new policies and benefits that fully support all of our team members and thus we were quickly able to assist when the pandemic occurred.”

Mark G. Nurdin,

Bank of Texas

2020 Innovator Award Winners

SigmaPro – Small Business Innovator

Bell – Family Resource Innovator

Fidelity Investments – Events Innovator

PMG – Policy Innovator

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