Meet our Steering Committee Members and Research Partners

Steering Committee Members

Ashley Elgin

Chief Executive Officer, Lena Pope

Elizabeth Brands

President & CEO, The Morris Foundation/Read Fort Worth

Grant Coates

CEO & President, The Miles Foundation

Jay McCall

Program Manager, The Rainwater Charitable Foundation/T3

Kara Waddell

President-CEO, Child Care Associates

Leah King

CEO, United Way of Tarrant County

Mattie Parker

Mayor, City of Forth Worth

Rose Bradshaw

President & CEO, North Texas Community Foundation

Sadie Funk

Director, The Best Place for Kids!®/The Best Place for Working Parents®

Sara Redington

Director of Strategy & Communications, The Miles Foundation

Ximena Antunez de Mayolo

Program Officer, The Rainwater Charitable Foundation/ELA

Research Partners

Anapama Shekar SMU

Evaluation Consultant

Annie Wright, SMU

Executive Director

Dawn Manaster Levy, SMU

Senior Program Specialist

Dylan Farmer, SMU

Assistant Director of Strategic Partnerships

Elisa Gallegos, SMU

Senior Program Specialist

Harvey Luna, SMU

Senior Program Specialist

Hiba Rahi, SMU

Assistant Director

Jillian Conroy, SMU

Evaluation Coordinator

Pamela Bailey, SMU

Program Coordinator

Rachel Johns, SMU

Senior Program Specialist

Yusuf Kara, SMU

Senior Data Analyst