The Best Place for Working Parents® Announces Partnership with the Parent Nation Team

The Best Place for Working Parents® is proud to partner with Dr. Dana Suskind, author of Thirty Million Words: Building a Child’s Brain, in her second to-be-published book, Parent Nation (coming from Penguin Books in April 2022). Dr. Suskind references The Best Place for Working Parents® as a call to action and tangible step for businesses in her book.

  • “Real shifts in workplace culture and policy emerge when groups come together and believe that change is necessary. Kendra Scott’s company is one of more than 400 in Texas that have qualified for The Best Place for Working Parents® status.”
  • “The Best Place for Working Parents campaign lays out the top ten policies proven to benefit families and help businesses’ bottom line.”
  • “Business leaders know education is economic development. Family-friendly practices help working parents thrive in the workplace while also supporting their children’s growth and development at home.”

See Dr. Suskind speak at our 2022 Best Place for Working Parents® National Summit May 4 – 6, 2022!

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